Friday, June 22, 2012

I want to desperately keep up current here - the trouble is I have a problem posting without a picture.  Not sure why but I figure it's the visual part I enjoy most about people's blogs - a close second to the true, honest emotional content that is often shared.  Working hard to be a better "sharer" of my emotions.

So the pics around here lately are not too existent - reason being is they are all kinda the same - pool, lake, pool, lake, see the trend... alot of fun, just not alot of variety in the way the pics would look. 

So I thought, what could I share?? The things I want to be doing but it's too hot to be doing them outside and well, let's face it, that's where we've been ALOT! Pool, lake, pool, lake, oh and the soccer field for camp this week.  And Braden went to VBS with his friend. 

But truth is, there's is this old window I have had since I don't know, like 8-9 years!  It looks like this in it's condition but the coolest thing is it still has it's original handle for pushing up and pulling down - even the rope going through it! (Don't be jealous!) I want to put pics in it but the glass is broken so I decided it will hold things like some "chicken" wire (or poultry caging as they called it officially, I like chicken wire better, don't you?) and maybe a magnet board or a chalk board.

old window as picture frame

Anyway, this is what I want to be doing today but instead we will be going to the chiropractor (bicycling for 15 miles has a way of putting a "kink" in the neck and shoulders), and a birthday party for my great-niece Lillian followed by one last night of VBS and youth for the kiddos - whew!  Tomorrow is "free" so hopefully I can post what I did with my frame on Monday?? Now if that's not accountability I don't know what is - put it out there for the world so you have to get it out of the garage - hubby will be super happy!

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