Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A First Time for Everything...

So Dr. Seuss says there's a first time for everything! I had one of those moments recently when I made meringue - I know - Martha oughta look out:) Not really, cause Martha never had three kids and a laundry room that explodes exactly once every 1.5 days! 

However, I saw on pinterest this really cute idea for "mini lemon meringue pies" and Father's Day was just the occasion I needed (as if I really needed and occasion) to bring on the lemon!  Oh, and I discovered for the first time in 38 years (egh hum - cough) that lemon meringue pie is my mom's favorite - how do you know that about your own mother???

Anyway, the meringue was not gritty - it baked well and the pies were a hit!  Super excited about that:)  Just baked them in cupcake liners so each person had a decent size but not too much. 
David told us during our Saturday evening Father's Day celebration that there was only one thing he thought he would get really excited about but he wouldn't say what in case I had totally missed the target.  But guess what??? I listen, I pay attention - and I hit that target - DEAD ON!!! A nice bike for the road.  We took our first ride together last night and it was sooo fun - no kids (to keep out of the traffice), just me and him and the open road (not exactly cause my heart rate stayed pretty due to dodging cars and traffic lights).  It was a fun activity I hope to have many more of. 

 And a card I made for my dad.  I had big plans for David but he really doesn't care about the cards so much so my dad's took precedence (as well as dinner being prepared for us all) so this one went to my lovely Alfredo.

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