Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Caution: Emotional Venting in progress....

If you came for crafty - just hold on a bit - I have that too but first...

Sometimes this blog is for historical sake and today is that day...One day I hope to have this printed up for a history book for our family - what a crack-up that will be, right? Don't answer that!

Today will permanently display my heart, and maybe a bit of a soap box too...

There are things about me I wish I could change.  Like One, I wish I could be more like that duck that let's things roll off their back...but I am not! I hold on to things for far too long.  I internalize.  I overthink.  I make mountains out of molehills - probably on a daily basis. 

Two, I wish I didn't worry as much about who loved me, who liked me, and what the rest of them actually thought about me.  Twice this week I have felt like someone was either talking about me as I walked up or hiding things from me.  I hate that even after the situation has passed...I am still thinking on it.....wondering WHY??? Really hate that one. I know you can't make people do anything.  Can't make them love. trust. be respectful.  be responsible.  I KNOW it but I DONT like it. 

Three, I hate that I am competitive.  I am sure that it makes me a better worker and the finished product is usually pretty great.  I hate that I feel compelled to compare myself to everyone else... STOP IT already. 

ok enough of that...on to the patriotic wreath has been removed (I had planned to keep it up due to the Olympics) and this lovely one created by my daughter has replaced it.  She created it with scraps of fabric and a rubber coated clothes hannger.  For those who know me this sorta falls into the whole "the Christmas tree is mine, not theirs" kinda deal...but I am working on being less Martha and more Mother so here hangs her super cute wreath.  I really do love it - her comment was "it's kinda too small for our door.  BIG door, little wreath"  She does crack me up on a regular basis.

Thanks for making it through that rant/vent and hopefully I will have some cute scrappy stuff this week since I have some work to be done:)

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