Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Use it as a SKETCH!

So there are days when you feel you have it all together, you are on top of all the chores, the house looks great (well, not a disaster) and your children appear to be angels. Today, is NOT that day!!! Nor have the past few weeks - just when you think you have one area under control, another one goes swirling out of control. Praying this little "break" to Chicago will be just what we need - otherwise, it could get ugly:(

We made it through Father's Day and this was the card I made for Abbi to give to David. When I asked her what color she wanted it to be she quicly replied, "Pink, cause real mean wear pink!" I love it! I know it's too late for Father's Day cards but use this as a skectch, a jumping off point for another occasion but a basic place to start. I used all leftover papers here and alphas in varying styles. She and David had their pedi-date last night and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately Daddy doesn't think too often to take a pic of these sorts of things.

Hope you are having a great Wednesday and thanks for checking in - not sure how much blogging I'll get to do until mid-week so don't think I've jumped off a bridge - just trying to spend some quality time with the hubby and the two bigs in the Windy City:)

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