Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Not too late for Father's Day!

So I'm totally hoping this works and makes things easier for you and also hoping if it does work I can remeber how to do it again in the future - HA!

I can safely post this today as my husband does not read my blog - sad, I know:(

This is his Father's Day Card from the boys. I got this word search idea from a blog - if you know which one please let m know and I'll give proper credit - sorry!

Not sure if you can see but the top portion has the words we, love, you and then the bottom has and think you are amazing! Hope he thinks ths is fun. He is an AWESOME daddy and deserves the fun that the kids have in store for him. Each of them have planned dates and mommy pre-paid so all he has to do is ENJOY some time with his kiddos! Thanks Martha for the idea (Stewart that is)

Now here is the "lets hope it works part" I tried to attach the word search that I did and saved so that all you have to do is print on your fav cardstock and be done. If you use this I would love to know how it worked - of course I'm gonna try it myself once this post is up. So I apologize in advance if it doesn't work the way I hope it will!

Thanks for looking and Happy Father's Day weekend!

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