Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday Boy Recap

So we had a birthday over the long weekend - this week boy is SEVEN! Where did all the time go? I used to be asked that when the twins were little and I knew exactly where it had gone - bottles, diapers, laundry, potty training and the list goes on. Don't get me wrong - these things still exist - but I'm learning to let them have the back seat.

This guy is SWEET! His eyes are truely the window to his soul. Whatever he is feeling, it shows. He doesn't mind cuddling an extra bit and cannot tell a lie to save his life (a good thing where I'm concerned). He thinks of others regularly. He wants to play nice but occasionally gets overwhelmed. He enjoys a few moments of silence amidst crowds and we will often find that he has disappeared from a "party" and find him in his room playing, etc. I love that he knows when to take a break, and actually listens to those feelings inside.

He love the Lord. Heard him belting out the other day "let the poor say I am rich, let the weak say I am strong!" and I just love that. He says the most genuine prayers at dinner. I love to hear him say the blessing and you always know what we did that day based on what he is thanking the Lord for i.e. "Dear Lord, we thank you for this day and for this food, and for letting Charlie come over, and help us to worship you good tomorrow at church, and please bless this food to our body, AMEN!" It often creates a bit of a giggle down inside because he's so genuine.

I just wish he could stay little like this forever!
He didn't have the grandest of parties (by previou standards) but he loved it just the same. He said when the water slide arrived "This is the BEST birthday ever!" and said Thank You to me multiple times throughout the day.

We may have started a new tradition. While worried about how and what kind of cake I was gonna get, Mason said "I'll bake his cake for $10" I thought, why not? He wanted a water themed cake so we set out to gather supplies. The twins worked together, using their watches to time the mixing.

And when you don't clearly communicate with self starters this is what happens: they baked both boxes of cake mix instead of saving one for back-up like I had planned in my mind. It's just cake!

Here is the finished product: not bad! We just gumballs for beachballs. Gel icing for the pool and grass. Abbi wrote the sentiment. We used Air Head Extreme candy cut into smaller pieces for beach towels. Easy enough.

This party didn't have even a single balloon - helium tank was empty - no one seemed to notice (or care) and fun was had by all. Happy Birthday Ray-Ray!

He wanted Bananas Foster French Toast on the morning of - just minus the bananas! That's the Mister-I-don't-like-anything-but-sugar boy that I have.

Saturday we played outside nearly all day long. Very Immediate family came over and we had a "bring your own steak" dinner! My dad wanted to give Braden cash and this went over well. He told Braden he could have one of any of the bills in his wallet. Braden quickly spread them all out and headed straight for the $20 - "cause that one is the most" he said - smart boy!

Happy Wednesday :P

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