Friday, June 17, 2011

Pros of Procrastination

There is one good thing about procrastination (trying to see the up side of things - ha ha!) Is that when you don't actually photograph your sisters birthday card until the day of her birthday, you don't have to wait for weeks to post it on the blog! Happy Birthday Teresa - hope it was a special one!
One would think the blog would get extra attention during the summer but we are busy crossing things off our "fun things to do during summer" list and hope to be posting a crafty project once I am finished with it maybe tomorrow - it's cool and my kids have finally quit asking me "that is an art project? are you sure? how is that an art project?" Like seriously, they have NO faith in their mother apparently:(

Here is a quick snapshot of multi-tasking: enjoying the outside while getting in your Bible reading for Doves and your 15 minute "required" reading for the day.

Oh, it's Friday - enjoy your weekend people!

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