Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Will Break for Princesses!

So recently, these Princesses -
Along with the grown-up Princesses....

Took a little girl break to see some more famous princesses! After lunch at the Red Elephant we made our way to the Civic Center to see The Three Princesses:0) So much fun. First up was Snow White:

She was a bit scarey - not her actually - but the evil queen. I loved their faces! I hate that Taylor was scared but I wasn't too offended that she wanted to sit in my lap for the rest of the show. Loved it! Check out how the head is down but the eyes are looking up - shows a little indecision as to whether this is part she wants to watch or not.

As Taylors said "I knew Cinderella would be next!" and of course she was, in all her glory.

And finally was Belle. I loved Lumiare (sp?) and "Be our Guest" I could just "dance" to that all day.

And a grand final dance with all three princesses. And don't forget Mickey and Minnie with Donald and Goofy! No Disney show is complete without those guys.

We came home and played our hearts out until it was time for church (that could or could not be why these little girls fell fast asleep immediately after the music began) I hope it will be as great of memories for the little princesses as it was for this grown up version.

Happy Tuesday! Promise a cute craft for tomorrows post ( hopefully - ha!)

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