Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Fall (again!)

So here is a quick post of a project I did this am. I love it! It's rustic but still not so much so that it looks like a two year old did it:)

I had some pillows whose pillow covers were sad to say the least - I too was sad because they were a RARE Pottery Barn purchase and their time was clearly gone. So I pulled out the pillow be measured and began a new life for the first one (the next one might not be done until the Christmas season)

I am in love with the burlap trend but do not want to over do it so one side of the pillow cover was good. The other side allows for my obsession with orange. The ruffles just tie it in from my post a few back with the fall table runner. A girl with a "theme" is never a bad thing - right Lisa?!?

So I cut the two squares first. Then I attached my ruffles to one corner (not too many ruffles). Here are the ruffles...

I wanted the cover to fight well so I had to resize and trim some off because it was too "floppy" to start with.

I just LOVE it... I loved it even better when the kids came in and saw it and said "cool pillow, where'd that come from?" What do ya think? Want one? Let me know!

Happy weekending! We are off to the big metropolis of Daphne, Alabama for a soccer tournament - weather should be AMAZING!

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