Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Ideas for the Home

First, I would like to say how proud I am that it hasn't been a month since my last post - I would love even better if it had only been a few days but one turns into two turns into eight! Would say I don't know how it happens - but that would be a lie - so I'll just hope to do better real soon.

I wanted to share my most recent camera strap for a friend - fall colors! She thinks she might want one for each season and I am totally cool with that:) If you should want one just comment below or email me. We can surely make it happen!
Next up is a table runner I made for my dining room table. The cool thing about my table is it's basically big enough for all the "grown-ups" who might grace the table for Holidays, etc. The bad part is that it is hard to find table runners long enough to extend beyond the table and that is wht I wanted.

I had been looking for something to use burlap for and this just fit perfectly. I basically cut the burlap to the width I wanted and then cut strips of "coordinating" fabrics - kinda proud of my ability to let go of perfect matches and be a bit eclectic - there is orange in every pattern so that matches - right? Anywho, I cut the fabric a bit longer in an effort to have ruffles. Didn't ruffle quite like I would've liked but every new project is a learning experience - right?!?

Here is a shot of the table scape with the runner in place. I liked how it turned out:) This too could be purchased if your heart so chooses. If you want different material/patterns, totally cool with me.

Thanks so much for taking time to look! I hope your fall is coming along just great and that soon we will be feeling the cooler temps - as opposed to 85 degress in the middle of October!

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