Monday, September 21, 2009

flower girls....

Aren't they cute? Don't answer 'cause I already know ~ they are ADORABLE! This is Abbi and Taylor as flower girls at Amber and Adam's wedding last May. This was an experiment in "white space" as I usually use a patterned paper as a background. Using white I feel the need to fill it all up. Products were Paper Studio, Mark Richards, Anna Griffing and ribbon recycled from Amber's gift to Abbi (love it when I can do that - recycling!) Let me know what you think of the use of "white space."

Sorry, the humidity was messing with the paper and the camera!

Love this photo of Amber and Abbi under the veil. Also makes me laugh when I remember how funny Taylor was about dropping the petals and saying "uh -oh" like they needed to clean them up! Super Cute Stuff!

Happy Day Everybody!

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