Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cricut Challenge . . .

I was right in the middle of this layout when I discovered a Great Contest by Cricut (which just happens to be possibly the greatest crafting tool EVER!) So Hopefully, I do everything right and get all the links - maybe I could even win?!?

Be sure to check out the latest Cricut Promotion, The Great Gypsy Escape! Purchase one of 4 new Cricut catridges for a chance to win a new Gyspy (handheld design studio for Cricut), $2,000 travel vouchers and even a $30,000 trip to one of 5 fabulous locations!

I love how easy the Cricut makes it to "match" everything! I was even able to use the flower designs to mimic music notes. I loved the elegant look and how it all ties together!

Have fun and go use your Cricut!

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