Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Inspiration

Sooo, apparently the best thing to get the juices flowing, is to just get going with it. I have been so hapy to be getting some pages done of my oldest guy. It is a joy looking back at these photos and seeing how he has grown. It hasn't all been a breeze but it is a joy.

These photos are of our 2009 trip to Serenbe. I like the "natural" look of the kraft paper and the wooden letters. Boy stuff really is tougher than girl pages.

Here is the cluster of clock/gears to symbolize time sorta "standing still" while we are at this lovely place and the wooden letters by K & Company.

These photos also reminded me of the time we had with Mason and his hair pulling. This is why his hair is so short in these photos. We tried everything to get him to stop! It seems as though it was primarily stress related and once he moved to the next grade - he was "fine" Amazing - he still pulls his eyebrows and front of his hair sometimes when he is concentrating or frustrated.

On to the little lady - we got a new camera a few weeks back and I am still "playing" with it but I found this little jewel that David had taken and just had to share - isn't she lovely!?!?

REMEMBER: I will pick a winner tomorrow morning for the giveaway listed below. Just leave a comment on that post to be entered. Have a great weekend - we are hoping this weather clears up for some family photos this afternoon!

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