Monday, January 16, 2012

Giveaway Extended!!!

So I am extended the giveaway as I might've caused a little confusion... you must comment on this post (not just like on Facebook) if you want to be entered. I am gonna extend the giveaway through Friday and I will pick a winner Saturday a.m. This is a really great giveaway if you are looking for an easy way to document an event, a life, or even maybe a baby boys first day/year. It is by the wonderful Lisa Bearnson and has all the elements you need (just add pics). It is titled "Definitions" and has step by step instructions on how to put the pages together.

Here are all the parts all wrapped up nicely - I never even opened them!

Also I have some scrappy inspiration for you - 8 creating Keepsakes magazines for you to enjoy while looking for your next great page or to help when you are "stuck" in your creative mindset.

Thanks for playing along and I hope to see MANY comments this week - Happy Monday:)


  1. Hey Stacey,
    I love putting my photos I take and putting them in albums to enjoy. I made several and wish I had more time to make more. I made whitney and cole an awesome one when they get engaged and married.

  2. Love making albums for family. Made awesome one of whitney and cole's wedding. Wish i had time to do more!