Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas in January???

Well, not really, but this post is WAY late but I think I'm in the swing of things a bit better now. The new year brought some not so welcome events and we are just getting back to ourselves. Hope you enjoy these Christmas pics and descriptions. On to the new year with the next post!

I was actually relatively pleased with this family pic - no ridiculous faces, or eye-rolls, overall, not too bad.

The present from Aunt Terri - air hockey table - Braden likes to say that this is "the present that was too heavy for Aunt Terri to carry!"

We always read the Christmas story and have prayer before we open our gifts. Sometimes we read from the Bible but this year Braden read most of it so we used this very accurate version so that he could read - I tried to upload the video but it would work - super cute though!

The gift of the season - homemade bathrobes by their mother! They were SUPER thrilled as these pics show - love that the homemade item made them the happiest!

Of course, a Vera Bradley lunchbox will bring a smile to this girls face too and runs a close second to the robe. She is obsessed:)

We had Christmas with my family on Christmas day and although Tori was there she didn't really pose for too many pics so Taylor gets the spotlight here. She loved the princess roller skates we got her but.......

The Cinderella dress-up from Aunt Teresa stole the show - she wanted to get dressed immediately!

Hope you enjoyed these and I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with something more crafty!

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