Sunday, December 26, 2010

Before Christmas can truly begin....

our boy & girl has to turn ten! It is hard to convey the emotions that these few days hold. If I had posted this before Tuesday I'm sure some of it would've held different emotions - maybe not. This week was not an easy one for us for multiple reasons. However, my love for these sweet children is still the same.

Our first celebration started Sunday night after church with Aunt Lisa & Uncle Roger. When the "birthday desert" came, the singing began. Aunt Lisa sang desperately out of tune on purpose and poor Abbi could barely contain herself - note the bright shade of red and plugged ears.

I don't know that I've ever seen her face this red (the blushing seems to be a new thing) but it was funny for us to watch.

"Old" friends surely make the best friends - I love you Lisa!

We celebrated the actual day with a dinner to Outback - they opened gifts, ate, and enjoyed more birthday dessert.

The poor girl had been salivating over black nikes ever since her Daddy and Brother got a pair - finally her new "kicks"

Of course, the video game makes this one all smiles.

I love this sweet boy but sometimes it's not easy. The next day was truly one of the worst days I've had parenting him. Who knows how one child can be so different from the others in the home. I am writing this more as a release for me than for your benefit (of course) I never want him to question how much I love him, I want to be able to show him that, help guide him in the right paths, use his gifts to the fullest of potential. I pray that we have both learned from this week. I know I've said this before but being a parent is beyond words the hardest job on earth! I will never understand it all I just pray the Lord helps me to be the best mother to him I can. Thank you to every person who has ever encouraged us, prayed for us, or just been our friend. Thank you so much!
May this next year hold great joy and peace for all of us as we struggle to please the Lord and walk in His perfect will!
Happy New Year!

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