Sunday, December 19, 2010


a crafty post! I haven't taken much time lately to do anything crafty but the closer Christmas gets there are a few cards necessary - so I get to make them and this one was inspired by a very simple card but I like the geometric nature of it none-the-less.

Two version:
This is just cardstock and jewels. Don't worry - these are the kind that come in a strip so I didn't sit and put each one on individually - HA!

Version 2:
I can't decide which I like best - this one is going to Braden's teacher who LOVES some bling - hope she likes it (of course she'll probably enjoy the handwritten note by him on the inside saying she is a cool teacher the most)

And to finish off this post - a rare shot with all 3 looking the same direction, at the same time, with a version of a smile - a true Christmas miracle!

If I don't get to blog again before then, MERRY CHRISTMAS and enjoy all your blessings - thre greatest being our Savior Jesus Christ!

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