Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Thank You Daddy. . . .

for bringing us here!" were the sweet words spoken by Braden on the evening of our arrival to "The Happiest Place on Earth" They were overwhelmed with it all and I was so excited they were - didn't want them to be bored by it all - this world has a tendency to do that to us.

We had a long drive (longer than usual as we suppose that everyone who traveled North for Thanksgiving decided to travel back South the same day as us) Stand still traffic on I-75! Anyway, by the time we got there it was dark but just in time to watch the fireworks across the lake from the Castle.

I love these two boys explaining things to one another!

Here is that castle lit up for Christmas - GORGEOUS!!!

Day One - pre-trip photo - they were super excited!

There were times in this trip I wanted to pull my hair out and other times I just smiled at the sweet love - this one makes me MELT! Love the two heads together and the arms wrapped tight:)

Another spontaneous show of love to help the little guy along - at this stage these are rare but oh how sweet when they do it on their own!

Toy Story Interactive game - Daddy was serious!

Even brought out the tongue for concentration - so glad to have captured this even if it wasn't on purpose.

We met a few characters along the way - was surprised that the big kids were interested in autographs but also grateful when they weren't interested enough to wait in a few of the mile long lines - gotta have balance right?

Can't leave the magic kingdom without riding Dumbo!

Thank you again Daddy for this fun adventure - we really did share some fun times and we are so blessed to be able to do this type of stuff with our children.

Where Dreams Come True!

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