Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why I Am A Crazy Lady (this week anyway!)

because it's PARTY TIME!!! Although the twins birthday is in December (just 5 days prior to Christmas) we always do their party in January because it's supposed to be more calm. Not sure that theory applies this year but, oh well.

So of course once you begin making hand-made invites, the kids expect nothing less, and truthfully, I would be disappointed to change plans now. So here is what we started out with...cardstock, buttons, brads, ribbon, lollipop sticks, a circle punch (thanks to my hero Lisa for stepping in there!), and some pop dots (think that gets it all)

After much deliberation - these are the final product - of course a boy version and girl version. The bow wasn't Mason's fav part. Actually kinda happy about that!

I think the green one turned out to be my favorite overall. Now we are waiting on our shipment of gumballs,lollipops, sweetarts, zots, and rock candy - can hardly wait! Gonna be a fun, fun party.

Happy Thursday!

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