Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Candy Crazy!

**disclaimer*** these are not in perfect order - just too many to worry about that! also, my children can make some "ugly" faces so please don't judge?!?

These two finally got to have their party and boy was it a party - sugar of every shape and size was in attendance. Here is their pre-party pose (thus showing all kinds of faces)

Our wonderful friend, Sis. Jennifer, made us a "crooked" cake upon Abbi's request and just iced it plainly for us. We (and with a little supervision, I mean they) took over from there. They added skittles, M&M's, gummie lifesavers, candy buttons and a giant lollipop - it was quite the hit (and tasted GREAT too!)

Here is a view of it all - not really but that was IMPOSSIBLE!

Can you see the excitement? His quote: "This is the best party I have ever been too, except for mine" Hilarious!

We decorated our own cupcakes and Taylor was totally into it - I picked this pic to post (say that fast 3X) because you can see the intent look on her face as she decides where to place her candies.

Bella enjoy hers!

See: proof of "ugly" faces - what was that?!?

Exhibit B: "ugly" faces caused by too much sugar.

We tried to do some "minute to win it" style games and this one apparently needs special 2 liter bottles and some crazy strong tape/glue or whatever. The kids enjoyed it but it wasn't quite Golden Globe worthy execution on our parts.

We had a bubble blowing contest - Daddy would've won had he been eligible to compete - apparetnly Dubble Bubble gum isn't the best choice - oops again!

Grant tried but bubble blowing is not his forte:(

Kids of all ages rediscovered their love of candy - Bryan sharing Fun Dip with Tori - gotta love those eyebrows she has!

And the end of the goodie bag line - a new TOOTHBRUSH - figured that might come in handy and be cheaper than a trip to the dentist!

Over all it was fun party, the kids had a blast and will have great memories to share. Thank you to all who attended or played even the smalled part in making it all happen! We love you:)

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