Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Weekend (at a glance)....

So it was pretty busy (but a bit lazy too) around here this weekend. We started off with our first trip ever to Sizzlin' Science. This was held at GCCC and had tons of science related "experiments" for the kids to get excited about. Mason loved it so much he didn't even complain once about that heat - talk about a miracle!

Woo Hoo! Soccer season has begun & Abbi along with the other Purple Terminators won their first game (1-0) but who's keeping score right? Wrong! She plays hard and that's what we love about her: Never Say Die! That's her bootin' the ball #5.

Once that excitement died down, the boys went off to work on Derby Cars and Abbi and I scrapbooked together (I'll save those pics for tomorrow's blog) I finished the mini-album that was intended to be submitted for a challenge but didn't quite make the deadline.

I'm not a huge fan of mini-books because they tend to just sit around, they aren't chronological necesarily and I've honestly got too much other scrapping to do to justify a side project.

But I gave it a try and here are a few of the shots (not all of them!)

Well, I hope this week starts of well for you all!

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