Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I finally caught him! (or her?)

So this guy (I think the males are red) has been everywhere except when I have had my camera, so this morning while waiting on the dog I took my camera out with me and he showed up. I know it's a big grainy but it was pretty good distance away. With my love for red and birds combined - how could you not think this guy/gal is stunning!

For a little creative inspiration (my list of cards to make is a MILE long) I thought I would share a card I did that I scraplifted from the card section in my Creating Keepsakes Magazine. I purchased this ribbon a while back and it wasn't really fitting into my current stuff so I thought it would work great for this "Thinking of You" card. The flowers were my Spare Parts and I'm pretty certain the button was American Crafts (and I know the ribbon is). Enjoy your day and take the time to tell someone you are thinking of them - it'll surely make them smile:)

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