Monday, October 19, 2009

A Few Days . . .

So it's been more than a "few" days since I posted and didn't realize it had been so long! I did this one today to just catch everyone up on what's going on and make Lisa feel like she's not so far away from home (we miss you Aunt Lisa!) So here's why I haven't been here in a while.....

Sweet Taylor's 3rd Birthday (& Abbi scored her 1st goal of the season on the same day)

(This hasn't kept me busy but just thought it was cute - apparently eating watermelon is a contact sport at our house!) Almost makes me want to put him in T-ball just cause he's so stinkin' cute in that helmet!

We've enjoyed fall & dashing into the "pile" of leaves we raked together.

We (I mean Abbi and I) had a "sleep" over at church. This is my girls/class doing their crafty pic frames - way to go girls (& Amber)!

We took this little ladybug to the CIRCUS - she was just as excited about the cotton candy - SUPER CUTE!!! (And for those who don't know my brother, she is his "spitting" image!

Then on Sunday - This little jewel visited our church and spent the night with Mrs. Stacey - she was soooooo excited! (So were we.)

And this is what we have done today to catch up from all the fun we've been having. Braden had such a meltdown after school - I forced him to take a nap or else someone was going to get hurt - I'm sure you mother's out there know exactly what I'm talking about.

So anyway, my goal is to share something crafty tomorrow (hopefully I'll get to stay home most of the morning - a RARE treat!)
Good evening to you wherever you might be reading this ;)

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  1. see lots of little faces I love in this does make home feel not so far away...thank you... give everyone hugs & kisses
    Lisa (Aunt Lisa!)