Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine-ish recap and what we are up to...

I amight have said this before but Valentines is one of my fav is about love, it requires ALOT of red, and is full of candy... what more could a girl want???

Being that it fell mid-week we didn't do too much as a couple but we shared lots of fun time with the kids, special treats etc. I love being able to spend time with family and here's what takes place when we do - laughs and twirls! The laughter during this should've been recorded - Abbi is dizzy, Taylor is dizzy (aka supergir), but both screaming for more:)
This little party at church took quie a bit of time but was totally worth it. The Lord was faithful and all were "in love" with the results. The cupcake liner pom poms were a HUGE hit! and not terribly expensive. How did styrofoam balls get to be $6 though - like a solar system science project must be worth a fortune these "many" years later.

Braden was the only one to do Valentine's for school - we did the shovels and the wording "I dig you!" on it. Just realized I have no pics of the finished project - how does that happen???

And just for kicks.. my sweet girl..growing so fast. We are anticipating some major changes with middle school on the horizon. I am trying hard to hear the voice of God with where they are supposed to be. School is supposed to be challenging. It is supposed to be about academics. Do I think my chilren will be Nobel Prize Winners - the chances are slim. Do I want them to get into great colleges .... YES! We must take this one day at a time. Do i want to be chained to a dining room table for three hours a night with homework ...NO!!!

But these children are my life... I want the best for them... if that means some changes and inconveniences on us as parents...that should be o.k. with us...Their success is our responsibility. Am I nervous...You better believe it! What if they struggle? Didn't I struggle? Sure! But it is much easier I think to be the one struggling than to watch your loved one struggle - particularly your children. Please Lord, Guide us and give us the ability to follow that guidance!

As I am typing Braden and Abbi come in to ask this "we want to take a picture. I will be in a tux and Abbi wants to wear your wedding dress." They have just spend nearly an hour giving foot massages, and he used the straightener to straighten her hair. Oh how I wish they could play like this all the time. Stay tuned for the wedding picture soon:)

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  1. Its okay for an aunt to get teary eyed reading this right??? What awesome nieces and nephews I have been blessed with..beautiful, intelligent and sometimes so sweet to each other you want to record every minute to replay. Love ya'll..i know, right back at me!
    Aunt Resa