Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Right Back at ya...

or interpreted means "I love you!" - (in Abbi language) She is a super loving, amazingly kind spirit but it is severly like pulling teeth getting her to say she loves you. One thing I want to remember about her is her heart but yet her "arms length" style. She is not a touchy, feely kinda girl (wonder where she gets that from?) She would rather have an arm chopped off than actually say the words "I love you" Her Aunt Lisa tried to get her to say it back the other day and it was the funniest thing - almost like who could hold out the longest. She doesn't give in easily!

Sometimes I have to remember that this blog is as much for history keeping as it is for sharing craft projects. I know I can look back and remember some great stories that I might've forgotten.

Here's hoping you are having an amazing Valentine's Day - this is the first time I feel like it's an ordinary day but yet very extraordinary - sounds weird, I know. I spent the day at the school with the kiddos doing all sorts of Valentiny stuff. I had their goodies with love notes laid out for them this morning when they woke up. They all loved their stuff and I was surprised when Mason decided to bake me breakfast - unfortunately Daddy got it since we had to bolt early for Valentine's Breakfast at school. He can be sweet when he wants to:)

I wanted to give you guys a look at our family photos we took last month.

This was one of the last shots of the day - and of course Abbi's face tells her disdain for public affection - LOVE it!
A kiss in the park (note: these shots are harder than they look!)

He HANDS DOWN is my most photogenic child - melts my heart everytime!

Eyes are the window to the soul....

Fun stuff, again, NOT easy!

A picture of us girls -

Here's to remembering the reason for this day....loving those dear to you....showing them small pieces of your heart...hope you enjoy your day!

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