Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stretch Baby, Stretch

So, I'm trying to "stretch" my style a little bit. I found these at Michael's the other day (part of K & Co.) and just knew "Baby Tori" would look "tweet" on this paper (get it . .. there are birds, birds say tweet, tweet) Anyway, I loved the way it turned out (I Hope you do too Melissa). Tori is growing up so fast (too fast if you ask me, but I'm sure no one is asking me.)

Gotta love those baby feet! Can you tell Uncle David was proud? He loves his little nieces.

I finally turned in my "application" for the American Crafts challenge - hopefully it all made it successfully (via email - multiple pics). Even though there are alot of applicants I'm sure, I am proud that I actually made good on the promise I've been telling myself for several years.

Enjoy your weekend folks - Daddy is off tomorrow so we will PLAY!

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  1. love the layouts... i still think that picture of Abbi (jan 08) is a great one, stitches and all!!