Sunday, April 28, 2013

It can't be...

that it has been four months (FOUR???) since I have posted on the blog!!! Shame on me - not a very good historian for the family through this method right now.  Things are CRAZY busy but aren't we all - I won't glorify busy - it's not what life should be about and once these last few weeks of school are over there will be some MAJOR shifts in commitments and priorities.  And to be honest, it's not the desire that is lacking, it's my seeming inability to say NO.  there are things I want (and need) to do but I committed to some days of work way before Christmas and it's not a good idea to go back on one's word - not Christian at all:)  So, I hope to share some things as I go along but I wanted to share one thing with you and in that hope to keep the fires alive until I can fan them without distractions. 

I read a book called "7 - an experimental mutiny against greed and excess"  by Jen Hatmaker.  I am not usually one to read "self-help" books (most days don't feel like I am the one to be helping myself - it's too big a job honestly) but this one came highly recommended to me and I thought it was a book on de-cluttering your life - HA! - I think after reading the book (and a second book by her, though it was written first) I believe Jen (I feel i know her well enough to call her by her first name:) probably knew that this book was life altering for anyone willing to be altered.  Even though I think those of us who first pick it up arent quite ready for the "seams" to come unraveled.  however, they did.

if you are ready for a change, to stop standing on the edge (even if you think you are already doing it "all right") - i would recommend this book.  it is not for the faint at heart or the arrogant - or maybe it is for the arrogant and maybe you won't be after reading it.  i do want to warn you that if you are a Christian in America - which I'm assuming you are (the America part) - this book will hit you hard, in the gut, or maybe in the wallet.  be ready for some conviction (guilt) and a host of other eye-opening emotions.

most of all, i hope you are changed.  not for a day, or a week, but forever - as i have been.

this is tyrone.  he is homeless and needs your prayers for healing of an ulcerated wound on his leg.  he is the first of many whom we hope to show the love of our Lord. 

if you read the book, please comment.  if you have read the book, i would love to talk to you about how you were changed.  i am totally open to criticism of the book.  i am trying not to be afraid to question the things that i have always just taken someone else's words for.

i want to journey through this life, living like Jesus would if he were here today.  i could go on and on but this is enough for today.  hoping to hear from you all soon - i would loan you my copy of the book but i can't part with it.  if you want to read it but don't have the funds - i will buy it for you - i'm just that serious!

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