Thursday, August 16, 2012

Papers, Papers Everywhere!!!

So when you have little ones (which I still do - sorta) you have tons of papers showing all their achievements, awards, progress reports, drawings, etc.  Clearly one could never display it all.  I actually do not keep it all (GASP!) but sort through and pick the "best of the best" to keep.  Don't tell my kiddos though cause I'm not sure they have that figured out entirely:)

So what to do once you've narrowed that GINORMOUS pile down?  Scrapbook them.  In a pocket.  I know this isn't the first time I have shared an idea like this but with school a mere 3 days, 9 hrs and 40 minutes away (who's counting, right?) I figured this is a great time to revisit school scrapbooking pages and techniques.  Here is a page I completed this am.

I love the kraft and black with just the pop of red.  I cut the kraft paper down enough that the black shows behind it but the papers still fit in it without going beyond the page border - hate when that happens.  I have been known to cut some of the extra off the bottoms/tops of pages to make them fit to 12x12.  Again, please don't tell my kids!

I used Jenni Bowlin letters here for the school year and I found some old school notebook paper and printed the Dr. Seuss quote onto it.  I love this quote - it's all about your decisions and choices.  Dr. Seuss was a VERY wise man! Love his birthday week at school alot!!!

I used staples (very school-ish) to adhere the pocket - this time I used two on each spot just to change it up and the bow gives it a girly look since this was for, you guessed it, a girl:)

This technique could be used for any type of papers, or flat memorabilia, and can be adapted for all ages.  Hope you use this next time you need to store some goodies.

Thanks for looking - have a great day - it's about to flood here. again. so ready for crisp, dry air and cooler temps!

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